Kim Jenkins Commences as ARCA CEO

Kim Jenkins has today joined the Australian Retail Credit Association (ARCA) as CEO.
Jenkins has had a distinguished career in financial services and the credit reporting industry in a number of markets including Australia; South Africa; India; Germany, Central Europe and Turkey.  She has participated in industry associations in a number of markets and has also previously served on the Board of ARCA.
ARCA Chairman Michael Laing warmly welcomed Kim Jenkins to the role.
“Kim has extensive experience in financial services and the credit reporting industry and brings strong strategic, commercial and relationship management skills to the CEO role.  
“The ARCA Board were impressed by the breadth and depth of Kim’s experience in credit reporting, and believe she is ideally qualified to lead ARCA in pursuing our goals to improve the credit reporting system and practices in the retail credit industry,” Laing said.  
Jenkins will be briefed on the current work of ARCA in the coming days – and over the coming weeks will be meeting with Members, Directors and key stakeholders in order to progress the ARCA agenda.
“ARCA has worked hard to lay the foundations for an effective comprehensive credit reporting environment in Australia. I look forward to actively supporting and advocating for meaningful positive progress and the achievement of that all-important CCR critical mass tipping point.
She further noted that she is looking forward to leading and supporting the ARCA team, as they continue to work to make comprehensive credit reporting a reality in Australia.  
Jenkins picks up from Acting CEO Rebecca Murray, who returns to her role as a senior member of the ARCA leadership team where she heads up member services, education and consumer affairs.