ARCA’s focus is to advance lending practices by advocating effective reform and removing impediments that may distort the true credit position of a consumer.   This objective places ARCA at the frontline of reform, including proposing enhancements to The Privacy Act that strike an appropriate and practical balance of privacy protection with information that allows for credit market efficiency and greater certainty for providers and consumers.


Dating back prior to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s consideration of Privacy Laws in 2006, ARCA has endeavoured to build a better understanding within Government of how exchanging consumer credit reporting information can aid business prosperity, consumer confidence and socio-economic growth.


We actively contribute to legislative and policy discussion and ultimately reforms that reflect the changing dynamics of credit and evolving technologies that allow for faster and more intelligent information management.


We aim to create and preserve a credit environment that allows providers and consumers make better credit decisions.


For Consumers   ARCA’s objective is to create a fair, transparent and well-protected credit environment that allows for credit to be accurately and securely assessed based upon their credit worthiness.
  ARCA advocates the sharing of information between our members and broader industry - credit providers and credit reporting bodies. Greater collaboration enhances risk visibility, giving providers the clarity to reduce over-indebtedness, increase accessibility to credit, and accurately assess consumer capacity.
For Government   An efficient, well-regulated and secure credit management industry is critical to economic productivity.  ARCA and the Government collaborate to progress the social, economic and regulatory aspects of credit reporting with the dual focus of protecting consumers and providing certainty for industry.